Who made that?

While shopping for a dual port USB charger on Amazon, I came across a nice 17 Watt one from iXCC.

I wanted to learn more about it and searched for it on ixcc.com but the closest models were a 15 Watt and 20 Watt chargers. While checking out the iXCC website I soon learn that iXCC is not the company but the brand. 8Likes Inc. is the actual company.

After checking out Buzzfile and Bizapedia, it turns out that 8Likes is only a trading company and not the manufacturer. Taking a different approach on figuring out who the manufacturer is, I decided to verify the UL certification to see if I could learn more.

I went to the UL Online Certifications Directory (OCD) and searched for ixcc* and 8likes* as the company name. No luck.

Then I tried to use the model number listed on Amazon and that didn’t work in OCD or Google. Next, I went over the pictures on Amazon and notice one view showed the following:

          MODEL: M6U

This is the breakthrough I needed! By putting “m6u” in the Keyword search box I found out the charger is made by:


Googling that yielded the website www.szyingyuan.com, which actually has the name as:

         Shenzhen Yingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

On the website you can find the manufacturer’s listing for the 17 Watt USB minus the logos BUT I wouldn’t recommend it, since there is a script from “ebs.gov.cn” that will execute on that webpage.

Note:  UL is not affiliated with Research Nuggets and does not endorse researchnugets.com.  Provision of this link is for convenience of reader and does not imply endorsement by Research Nuggets of UL’s services nor the products certified by UL.



Research Nugget: Verifying certifications or “seals of approval” can help identify the actual manufacturer of a product.

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