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A Cold Trail on a QC hunt

Last week I picked up a new Bella 4-Slice Toaster since my cheapo 10-year old toaster broke.


The new Bella looks very nice and has a quality fit & finish but the heating elements were not that great. You can see in pictures below how the wires are not heating up evenly and causing the bread to be diagonally toasted!

Bella-ToastingBread1Bella-UnevenBread1I’ll be returning it this weekend but I was curious why something that is this nice just missed the mark on simple toasting that my cheap toaster got right.

Underneath you can see that it is ETL certified and has a generic “QC PASS” quality control sticker. With that information you can do a little research with the model number.

Searching the ETL Directory I found that the manufacturer for this Sensio brand Bella toaster is KINWING ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD in China.

Googling “KINWING ELECTRIC” I found their website: www.kinwing.com. Interestingly enough the company on the website is: Jiangmen City Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.


Under the page for the company profile, they reference their ISO9001 quality control certification. However, the only certificate I could find on their website is from the China Quality Certification Center (CQC).

The CQC website is “www.cqc.com.cn” but only has generic info on the ISO9000 family of certifications. I attempted to use the CQC certification query tool but had no success. Luckily, they referenced that they are partners with IQNet, The International Certification Network.

IQNet has a user friendly certification query that allows for a partial matches. I tried multiple queries but never had any luck with the various company names. The closest match was for Jiangmen Pengjiang Yongkeng Electric And Hardware Co.,Ltd. with an ISO9001:2008 certification registered with CQC.

Here the trail went cold for the QC hunt. Short of emailing the manufacturer regarding their quality control process, this a fair effort when dealing with layers of alternate company names.



Research Nugget: If possible use alternative search criteria such as business activity and location vice a company name.